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Chord Epic XL speaker cable makes a huge jump in dynamics, detail and musical coherence by combining the separately shielded conductor design from Chord Signature XL and the silver-plated, XLPE insulated 12 AWG conductors of Chord Epic X.

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Chord Epic XL speaker cable combines elements of Chord’s Epic X and Signature XL speaker cables. A specially chosen soft PVC internal jacket is added to correctly space the shielding and minimise mechanical noise. A high density braid and foil shield is applied to each set of conductors and this is in turn protected by a translucent outer jacket, again chosen to reduce unwanted mechanical noise. Each set of Epic XL speaker cables is built to order at The Chord Company. The conductors are twisted together and clamped in place before being terminated with either banana or spade connectors. By separately shielding the positive and negative conductors of each speaker cable run, Chord has been able to produce a version of Epic that sounds markedly more refined and musically coherent. It is particularly good at conveying subtle details and brings great separation and definition to instruments and voices.

Source components and loudspeakers are evolving. The level of resolution that used to be the preserve of high end audio has trickled down to some surprisingly affordable designs. The downside is that they may well show you things you do not want to hear – like your cables. Epic XL takes a crucial step forwards in performance by using separate shields for each conductor. That means neutrality, less noise, a bigger and more immersive soundstage and most of all, it means getting new joy from your existing music collection. It is a cable that can transform a good system into something quite spectacular.

Epic XL’s predecessor Epic Reference used PTFE insulation, which until the arrival of Taylon® was Chord’s “go to” dielectric material. Although expensive, it offered the best performance. Material technology is constantly developing and improving and alternatives to PTFE are now available. While the high cost of Taylon® prevents Chord from using it in their Epic range, they were able to find a version of XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) that, following extensive listening tests, proved clearly better than PTFE.

Every set of Epic XL speaker cables is built to order and terminated at Chord’s UK factory with ChordOhmic 4 mm banana plugs, ChordOhmic spade connectors or a mixture of the two. Custom lengths and single cable runs are available on request.

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Cable Length

Custom, 1.5 m, 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 4 m, 5 m

Cable Termination

Banana to banana, Banana to spade, Spade to banana, Spade to spade


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