Custom Design Quadraphonic HiFi 3 Equipment Rack


The three tier Custom Design Quadraphonic HiFi 3 equipment rack is a unique, acoustically inert platform for audiophiles who demand a more exciting, dynamic performance from their hifi isolation furniture.

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In Japan they use the word Kaizen, a continual approach to improvement. Custom Design’s philosophy for the last 35 years has been to create, challenge and innovate when possible. The Quadraphonic HiFi equipment rack is a direct result of such actions. A wealth of experience in hifi furniture manufacturing and an accumulation of constrained layer damping knowledge provided Custom Design with a unique hifi furniture isolation strategy.

The Quadraphonic HiFi 3 three tier equipment rack is built upon the total isolation principle of Inter Specific Isolation and Intra Specific Isolation. This design includes a twin layers of constrained layer damping, one built from Acoustic Steel and the other from Acoustic Aluminium, with a polymer sandwich layer. Energy is not created or destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another. The twin constrained layer damping employed by the Quadraphonic HiFi equipment rack efficiently converts unwanted resonance noise into negligible amounts of heat.

The Quadraphonic HiFi 3 equipment rack design utilises Custom Design’s renowned Acoustic Steel and Acoustic Aluminium, combined in a groundbreaking way to create Inter Specific Isolation and Intra Specific isolation. The design is a development of Custom Design’s original iRAP isolation platform.

The Acoustic Steel base isolation platforms are manufactured from two different thicknesses of CR4 mild steel. The two thicknesses compete to convert the resonance noise energy of different frequencies. Each thickness of the CR4 constrained layer system engages with the patented polymer sandwich layer to damp unwanted frequencies. This Intra Specific Isolation reaction strikes a balance between the constrained layer damping system to provide the best isolation conversion rate possible. 

The Acoustic Aluminium top iRAP shelves are also manufactured from two different thicknesses, but this time using aluminium. As the different thickness aluminium sheets compete to convert the resonance noise energy to heat, a completely different range of resonance noise vibrations and frequencies are converted. The Intra Specific Isolation system provides an offset and balanced isolation solution to the Intra Specific Isolation of the Acoustic Steel. 

The Inter Specific Isolation is provided by the use of two different types of material. The Acoustic Steel offers a higher mass and density. The Acoustic Aluminium a lower mass and density. Combining the two results in a well balanced elimination of resonance noise vibration throughout the entire structure of the Quadraphonic HiFi equipment rack. Through research and development this formation has proven to be the most efficient design for damping resonance energy with the viscoelastic properties available.

The Acoustic Steel and Acoustic Aluminium platforms are isolated from each other using 10 mm solid steel bearings. These can be arranged with either three or four contact points to suit the customer’s personal preference or the weight distribution of the equipment.

The four support columns are manufactured from 25 mm ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel tubes and are available in a choice of black, polished chrome or brushed chrome finish. Interface damping gaskets and polished chrome M6 anti-resonance base isolation feet are included as standard.

The Custom Design Quadraphonic is available in two, three and four tier models as standard. The columns are available in a range of standard spacings from 175 mm to 400 mm.

Custom sizes, column spacings and additional tiers are available on request.

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Column Colour

Black, Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome

Column Height

175 mm, 200 mm, 225 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, Custom

Platform Dimensions

430 x 300 x 6 mm, 430 x 340 x 6 mm

Shelf Dimensions

510 x 400 x 6 mm

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