Innuos Statement NG Music Server


The flagship Innuos Statement NG music server is designed to take digital audio to a new level of performance. A state-of-the-art source for the most discerning audiophiles.

The Statement includes a pair of 30 cm umbilical cables to connect the server to the PSU. These longer length cables are useful when the two pieces have to be placed on separate shelves or side-by-side.

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The flagship Innuos Statement NG music server is designed to take digital audio to a new level of performance. A state-of-the-art source for the most discerning audiophiles.

  • CD ripper, music server and streamer
  • Can be used as Roon Core server (optional)
  • New next generation power supply architecture
  • 10mm CNC-machined aluminium chassis
  • 8 independent linear power supply rails
  • 8GB RAM with 4GB in-memory playback
  • EMI-optimised motherboard exclusively designed for Innuos
  • Custom-designed Ethernet and USB reclockers with 3 PBB OCXO clocks
  • Asymmetrical isolation feet
New linear power architecture

Partnering once again with Dr. Sean Jacobs, a new power supply architecture was designed exclusively for the Statement. The power supply is distributed between two enclosures, with one enclosure containing the AC/DC conversion stage and the other containing the regulation stage together with the server components.

The advantage is clear: regulated “clean” power traverses a very short path, soldered point to point, with the least impedance and exposure to EMI. This is superior in efficiency compared to a traditional architecture where a separate power supply is used – regulated “clean” power needs to go through more obstacles of internal cabling, output connectors, cable, input connectors and more internal cable before it reaches its destination.

8 independent linear PSU rails

Each critical component of the server receives its own dedicated power supply from one of the 8 independent power rails, further preventing component cross-contamination. Of particular note is the use of a dedicated power supply for each of the Ethernet and USB high-precision OCXO clocks, ensuring these clocks work at their best.

Custom-designed motherboard

The motherboard has been fully EMI-optimised to our own exclusive design by, removing any unnecessary, noise-generating components capable of compromising audio. A fully-customised BIOS ensures the hardware works at its lowest noise without impairing performance. Further EMI treatment is then applied to the motherboard so that EMI is absorbed rather than reflected to other components.

Custom-designed Ethernet and USB re-clocker

Not fully satisfied with existing USB and Ethernet re-clocking designs, Innuos designed in-house their own boards for this purpose.

At the heart of the design are 3 principles: The use of very high-precision OCXO clocks for timing the signals, extreme care in powering important components preventing cross-contamination, and extremely short paths between components.

While the use of OCXO clocks is not new, the way they are powered and the layout of the board has proven to be extremely important for their performance. As an example, dozens of USB controllers were analysed in terms of how they were powered and clocked so that they allowed this control to be done externally. The USB Controller is regulated by no less than 3 ultra-low noise regulators, one per independent voltage.

Keeping the clock very close to the controllers, via a dedicated track on the board itself, helps to avoid the losses in signal quality that come with the use of external clock units.

10 mm CNC machined aluminium chassis

Housed in a casing of 10mm-thick CNC-machined aluminium, the Statement is not just a pretty face. The thick metal enclosure helps to isolate external EMI, and its weight helps dampen harmful vibration into the system. By using a double-enclosure design, it also helps to contain the vibration effects of the massive 540VA toroidal transformer at its heart.

Additional information



Black, Silver

Storage capacity

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB

Storage Type

Solid state drive (SSD)

Digital Outputs

2 x Ethernet, USB

Streaming Inputs

Qobuz, Roon, Spotify Connect, TIDAL

Control Software

Logitech Media Server control software, Roon, Sense, UPnP compatible control software

Power Supply

Next-Gen PSU

Dimensions (WxDxH)

420 mm x 352 mm x 102 mm (power supply), 420 mm x 352 mm x 88 mm (server)


8.2 kg (server), 13.4 kg (power supply)


2 years


Anthony Kershaw for Audiophilia

Scot Hull for Part Time Audiophile

Dawid Grzyb for HiFi Knights

Jason Kennedy for Hi-Fi+

Carsten Barnbeck for Twittering Machines

Jack for The Audio Beatnik

Documents and downloads

Innuos Statement quick start guide

Innuos Sense app

Frequently Asked Questions

You can order your Statement NG with 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB or 8 TB of built-in solid state (SSD) storage.

1 TB can store approximately 2,500 albums in lossless CD quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz FLAC format or 400 albums in high resolution 24 bit / 192 kHz FLAC format. It’s best to buy a bit more storage than you need on day one, so that you have room to add new music in future.

If you do run out of space then Innuos can upgrade the built-in drive up to a maximum capacity of 8 TB. Alternatively, you can supplement the built-in storage with network attached storage (NAS). You’ll still get the benefits of Innuos’ in memory playback and ultra-precise clocking.

The Innuos Statement NG uses a pair of custom made umbilical cables to carry power from the power supply unit (PSU) to the server itself. A pair of 30 cm long umbilical cables is included in the box as standard. These are the perfect length if you want to stack the two pieces on top of one another.

Some owners prefer to place the two pieces on separate shelves in their equipment rack. Depending on the height of shelves, that can sometimes require longer umbilical cables. The extra length provided be the 0.5 m, 1.0 m and 1.5 m cable kits make it possible to space the two pieces further apart, when required.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years.

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