Amphion Helium510 Stand-Mount Speakers


The Amphion Helium510 is a highly versatile loudspeaker. Due to its wide and even dispersion, Helium510 performs well in real world placements, where traditional speakers run into trouble.

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Helium510 bookshelf loudspeakers are the optimum price / quality solution for any home audio environment. Being a simple 2-channel setup for listening to music, or watching television, or 2.1 and 5.1 home theatre systems for a complete movie experience, these highly versatile bookshelves fit perfectly. In addition to their flexibility in applications, Helium510 speakers are highly adaptable to your interior design, offering a multitude of colour options.

Helium510 loudspeakers employ custom Uniformly Directive Diffusion (U|D|D) technology which delivers a wide and even sound dispersion. This allows home audio speakers to perform excellently in a real-world placement where traditional, non-controlled speakers run into trouble. You can freely position Helium510 loudspeakers on a bookshelf or TV cabinet, and the controlled dispersion will still maintain the imaging and midrange clarity.

The signature Amphion waveguide integrates the drivers and provides a wide and evenly balanced listening field. In this way, the listening “sweet spot” is not selfishly located in a single point but widely spread so that you can enjoy your music even while moving around the room. A natural-sounding cohesive voice-band, and an extremely high level of speech clarity – even at very low listening levels – makes Helium510 a perfect partner for TV or background music.

Helium510 bookshelf loudspeakers deliver an unprecedented level of upper-midrange / treble refinement. They provide resolution and linearity that exceed what is common at this price-point in home audio loudspeakers. The extent of sound clarity and emotional enjoyment Helium510 speakers draw from even to a simple stereo system to home theatre setup is second-to-none.

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Black, Full White, Standard White, Walnut, White with coloured grilles

Operating Principle

2 way, Vented

Speaker Drivers

1" titanium tweeter, 5.25" paper mid / woofer


1.6 kHz


8 Ω


86 dB

Frequency Response

48 Hz – 25 kHz -6 dB

Dimensions (WxDxH)

160 mm x 265 mm x 316 mm


7 kg


5 years


Jeff Dorgay for Tone Audio

Srajan Ebaen for Six Moons

Documents and downloads

Helium user manual

Amphion brochure

Helium510 product sheet

Helium, Argon and Krypton product variations

Frequently Asked Questions

Amphion’s waveguide serves three purposes, each of which offers a distinct advantage over conventional baffle-mounted tweeters.

  • It acts as an acoustic amplifier, increasing the tweeter’s efficiency and allowing Amphion to cross over at a lower frequency, where the human auditory system is less sensitive to the transition between drivers.
  • It places the acoustic centre of the tweeter in the same vertical plane as that of the mid / bass drivers, so that they are perfectly time aligned and behave as a point source, just like a real musical instrument or human voice does.
  • It helps high frequencies to spread out over a wider arc than they would normally, so that the tone of the speakers does not change dramatically as you move off axis. This creates a wide sweet spot and ensures that the tonal mix of the sound reflected off side walls closely matches the direct sound, which creates a sense of spaciousness.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years.

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