Matrix Audio Element P2 Power Amplifier


The Matrix Audio Element P2 is a high quality power amplifier designed to partner the Element series streaming DACs, but its industry standard RCA and balanced XLR inputs make it compatible with pretty much any preamplifier.

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The Matrix Audio Element P2 is a high quality power amplifier designed to partner the Element series streaming DACs, but its industry standard RCA and balanced XLR inputs make it compatible with pretty much any preamplifier.

Multiple input methods

The Element P2 power amplifier provides multiple input methods. It is equipped with both RCA and XLR inputs. Regardless of whether your front end device has balanced XLR or single ended RCA outputs, Element P2 delivers the original music signal to your speakers authentically and accurately.

Flexible and scalable with stereo and mono modes

Element P2 provides switchable stereo and mono modes. In stereo mode, the element P2 provides 230 W output power to each channel into a 4 ohm load, drives bookshelf speakers or small floor-standing speakers effortlessly. The sound will take you to the real stage, keep every detail of the music, fully interpret the meaning of Hi-Fi.

When two Element P2 amplifiers are configured in mono mode, each amplifier works with one speaker. In mono mode the Element P2 delivers 850 W output power from each channel into the same 4 ohm load. Unleash the full potential of your speaker system, even with low efficiency speakers.

Fine music starts on a “trigger”

Element P2 is equipped with a trigger input. When the Element P2 is connected to a front end device with a trigger output, it will wake up automatically from standby mode, without any manual operations.

Brilliant connectors from WBT

Element P2 is fitted with the latest WBT nextgen™ speaker terminals which include a new “moment of force indicator”. This feature helps to prevent over-tightening when using spade connectors. The speaker terminals are also compatible with standard 4 mm banana plugs. The speaker terminals use a hollow design, the conductors are gold plated, pure copper and anti-oxidation treated. All of this attention to detail provides a low impedance connection, with high reliability, that can easily cope with high current.

Ceramic Ball Vibration Buffer

The element P2 is equipped with CBVB (ceramic ball vibration buffer) pads. The core of CBVB is made of ceramic balls and silicone rubber. There are 6 ceramic balls in each pad to minimize the noises caused by mechanical vibration. This feature further improves the transparency of the output sound, creating a wide and clear soundstage.

Additional information




Audio Inputs

1 x RCA (stereo), 1 x XLR (mono), 1 x XLR (stereo)

Audio Outputs

Speaker terminals compatible with 4 mm banana plugs

Input Impedance

47 kΩ


28 dB (mono mode XLR), 28 dB (stereo mode RCA), 34 dB (stereo mode XLR)

Power Output

2 x 110 W (8 Ω stereo mode), 2 x 230 W (4 Ω stereo mode), 500 W (8 Ω mono mode), 850 W (4 Ω mono mode)

Output Impedance

<25 mΩ (stereo mode), <30 mΩ (mono mode)

Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20 kHz ±0.3 dB

Dynamic Range

112 dB (stereo mode), 121 dB (mono mode)


0.004% @ 1 W THD+N (mono mode), 0.008% @ 1 W THD+N (stereo mode)

Power Consumption

<1,200 W (maximum), <5 W (standby)

Dimensions (WxDxH)

340 x 259 x 58 mm


3.7 kg

Documents and downloads

Element P2 user manual

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