Chord PowerHAUS P6 Mains Distribution Block


Chord’s PowerHAUS power distribution technology is now more affordable than ever, following the introduction of the new entry level Chord PowerHAUS P6.

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Designed to reduce noise and improve the performance of hi-fi, home cinema and CI systems, the PowerHAUS P6 draws on our expertise in wiring design, engineering and manufacturing techniques.

The PowerHAUS P6 follows the flagship PowerHAUS M6 and PowerHAUS S6 distribution blocks launched in 2022, and continues the PowerHAUS philosophy of uncompromising design expertise, versatility, high build quality and proprietary ARAY noise-reduction technology.

Handmade in England, the PowerHAUS P6 distils a decades-long understanding of signal and power transfer into a highly affordable upgrade for audio and AV systems.

It is supplied with a standard, straight connector 16 A IEC power cable, but can be upgraded with factory options, such as the Shawline Power cable with right-angle connectors.

The PowerHAUS P6 is the result of many years of Chord Company building mains distribution blocks for systems in their demo room and for use at hi-fi shows. As Chord Company has been demonstrating cables and systems since the mid-1980s, the PowerHAUS has enjoyed an unusually long product development time!

Quality of power is a fundamental and defining element of a system’s performance, but is often overlooked during the process of putting together a hi-fi system.

Over the decades Chord has tested many different wiring techniques including heavy duty cables, multicore and solid core cables, screened and unscreened cables, specialist connectors, filters and hard wiring methods. These different technologies and approaches produced various minor improvements, but unfortunately many of the resulting designs would not meet electrical safety regulations.

The PowerHAUS P6 uses heavy gauge internal cables and high quality sockets, both chosen for their sound performance. The 16 amp IEC C19 input socket means it can handle even the most demanding of systems.
Wherever passible PowerHAUS models avoid the use of serial filters, switches and neon power indicators which can generate noise and compromise musical performance. The solid construction helps to prevent microphony.

Chord has mininised interaction between the internal live, neutral and earth cables and tried to maintain. wherever possible, a clean earth supply. Earth noise causes one of the biggest issues in the final performance of a component and, having previously developed ARAY technology for noise reduction in other products, it was a logical step to apply the same to the PowerHAUS P6.

The Chord Company PowerHAUS range covers all levels of system with higher end models (S6 and M6) featuring increasingly complex shielding and noise reduction technology, and while the PowerHAUS P6 is their entry level mains block, it lacks none of the performance or fundamental elements needed to deliver cleaner power to your system.

PowerHAUS mains blocks will work happily on a variety of surfaces such as wood, carpet, tiles etc. Further performance benefits can be enjoyed if the PowerHAUS is placed on a rigid and isolated surface, such as a spare shell on your hi-fi rack.

When connecting your PowerHAUS, always ensure that the power cables are routed as far away as possible from signal cables.

  • Robust aluminium casing and heavy duty 16 A IEC power input
  • Unique Chord Company ARAY technology minimises high frequency and earth noise
  • Protection from RFI via heavily shielded ARAY wiring
  • Mains power cable included

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Dimensions (WxDxH)

520 x 112 x 65 mm

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