Dutch & Dutch 8c Active Speakers


The Dutch & Dutch 8c is a remarkable full range active speaker from the Netherlands. It adjusts its output to integrate perfectly into any room.

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These floor stands are made to measure to perfectly fit Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers. Choose from the official Dutch & Dutch 8c stands and the Custom Design SQ 404.

The optional BACCH spatial audio plug-in enhances the perception of space, envelopment, proximity, depth and resolution, for an even more immersive experience.

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The Dutch & Dutch 8c is a remarkable full range active speaker from the Netherlands. Great music deserves faithful reproduction. To fully experience your music and immerse yourself in its beauty, you need an accurate reproduction system. You need a system that can recreate the recording without additions or omissions. 

Achieving this is a challenge with traditional home audio systems. Many audio systems are just not that accurate to begin with, but even the accurate ones generally fail to take the room into account. This is why even a system that costs as much as a luxury car can sound disappointingly mediocre. 

The Dutch & Dutch 8c’s secret is that it solves both of these issues. First, it is demonstrably among the most accurate loudspeakers in existence. And secondly it boasts RoomMatching, a set of technologies that transforms your listening room from a harmful influence into a useful extension. 

Being an holistically designed and fully active system, the 8c comes as an elegant, modern, all-in-one, easy-to-use yet incredibly powerful package. The 8c’s solid oak cabinet features high end DACs, amplifiers, subwoofers, a digital signal processor (DSP) and more. Firmware updates are pushed out by Dutch & Dutch every three to four months, adding new features overnight.

  • Three way fully active design
  • Balanced analogue or AES digital input via XLR, or stream via Ethernet
  • Certified Roon Ready
  • Spotify Connect
  • 1″ alloy dome tweeter, 8″ mid / bass driver and dual 8″ long throw sub bass drivers
  • Boundary coupling and cardioid dispersion
  • Built-in DSP with parametric EQ and shelving filters for room correction and tone control
  • Configured and controlled via the Ascend companion app
  • Room EQ Wizard (REW) integration
  • Birch plywood and solid oak cabinets with a range of finishes
  • Optional BACCH spatial audio plug-in

The 8c represents Dutch & Dutch’s commitment to accuracy and clarity. With its constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards and +/-0.5 dB frequency response from 35 Hz upwards, music can now be experienced exactly as it was intended. Nothing is added, nothing left out.

Experience the sensation of truly accurate music reproduction, hear truth in audio like never before.


Tune the system to the room, not the room to the system. 8c’s adapt to the room they are in and can be placed incredibly close to room boundaries without losing performance. They actually leverage the boundaries to increase their efficiency and enhance their performance.

To achieve this, 8c’s combine a proprietary waveguide tweeter with an acoustic cardioid midrange, boundary-coupled bass drivers and active room matching. The result is superb reproduction in any room.


Besides drivers, the 8c’s small footprint presence holds high end DACs, amps, subwoofers and a DSP. The system also comes with room matching and streaming capabilities out-of-the-box.

All components match each other perfectly and together deliver a “big sound” at 106 dB continuously from 35 Hz upwards, while keeping the signal-to-noise ratio very high. At typical home listening levels and properly integrated into the room, the 8c can comfortably reproduce frequencies as low as 20 Hz, making it a true full range speaker.

The 8c is the ultimate in audio technology, designed to give you a superior sound experience. Its cardioid constant directivity provide superior sound direction while its streaming and digital sync capabilities bring you crystal-clear audio, perfect for any situation. Enjoy the highest quality sound with 8c.


From the smooth baffle to the solid oak cabinet, the 8c’s construction is designed to look as clean as it sounds.

The 8c’s outer cabinet is crafted from 20 mm thick solid oak panels. Every oak panel is unique and therefore each 8c speaker has its own unique appearance. Dutch & Dutch matches cabinet pairs as part of the manufacturing process, to ensure that the 8c speakers in a pair have a similar look. However, no two 8c speakers look exactly the same.

Internally, the 8c is made out of birch plywood. It is used to create the separate compartments for the drivers and to brace the cabinet, in order to increase the stiffness and strength of the cabinet. This results in an acoustically inert cabinet, which ensures that all you hear is the sound of the loudspeaker drivers.

Solid wood is a living material that continuously changes over time. Under the influence of changes in temperature and humidity, the wood will expand and contract. Hairline cracks are normal with solid wood, and thus to be expected. However, the 8c’s cabinet construction is carefully studied and fine-tuned, in order to avoid breakage as the wood ages.

Companion app

The Ascend companion app will automatically discover 8c speakers on your network. You will then have full control of settings like gain, distance to front and side walls, parametric filters, shelving filters and firmware updates.

Built-in music streaming

Besides balanced analogue or AES digital input, you can stream digital music directly to your 8c speakers from Spotify or from a Roon Core server. Identify the left and right position using your mobile device and the Ascend app, and the rest is done automatically.

Effortless updates

Automatic updates can keep your 8c’s up-to-date with industry standards and trends. After extensive testing periods, new firmware versions are made available from Dutch & Dutch’s cloud based software platform. Depending on your preference, you can download and install updates on demand or configure the speakers to download and install them automatically, adding new features overnight.

Plug-In Architecture

The latest 8c firmware introduces a new plug-in architecture to extend the functionality of 8c speakers. The first plug-in to be released adds BACCH spatial audio processing.

The BACCH spatial audio plug-in enhances the perception of space, envelopment, proximity, depth and resolution in the reproduced sound. It creates a three-dimensional soundstage that extends beyond the boundaries of the loudspeakers, providing a captivating and immersive listening experience.

Installation service

Strictly Stereo provides a complimentary commissioning service with your 8c speakers, to ensure that they are perfectly integrated into your listening room. At the same time, we will show you around the available settings and options. We can do this in person or at a distance, depending on your location and your particular requirements. We will provide ongoing support for as long as you own the speakers.

Home demonstration

The best way to understand and appreciate the 8c is to experience it for yourself. Call us on 0161 399 0993 or email us at info@strictlystereo.com to arrange a demonstration, either here at Strictly Stereo or in your own home.

Additional information



Black Oak, Natural Oak, White Oak

Front Baffle Colour

Black, White

Audio Inputs

1 x XLR (configurable as AES digital or balanced high or low level analogue), Network

Audio Outputs

1 x AES, 1 x balanced XLR (variable)

Streaming Inputs

Roon Ready, Spotify Connect

Operating Principle

Fully active, Passive cardioid midrange section, Sealed subwoofer section

Speaker Drivers

1 x 1″ alloy dome tweeter, 1 x 8″ midrange driver, 2 x 8″ high excursion subwoofer

Power Output

1 x 500 W (subwoofers), 2 x 250 W (midrange and tweeter)

Frequency Response

30 Hz – 20 kHz ± 1 dB


Gigabit Ethernet

Dimensions (WxDxH)

270 mm x 380 mm x 485 mm


26 kg


3 years


Kalman Rubinson for Stereophile

Dawid Grzyb for HiFi Knights

Jason Kennedy for Hi-Fi+

Colby Ramsey for Audio Media International

Marja & Henk for Six Moons

Erin's Audio Corner

Diego Estan for Soundstage Hi-Fi

Documents and downloads

Dutch & Dutch 8c specifications and measurements

Dutch & Dutch 8c user manual

Ascend app for Android

Ascend app for iOS

Ascend web app

BACCH spatial audio

Frequently Asked Questions

You start by measuring the distance from each speaker to the front wall and the nearest side wall. Enter those measurements into the included Dutch & Dutch Ascend app and the speakers will adjust their output to compensate for their position, relative to the walls. That will get you most of the way there.

Each speaker also has built-in parametric EQ filters. Using a calibrated microphone like the miniDSP UMIK-1 and Room EQ Wizard measurement software running on your PC or Mac, you can measure each speaker’s in-room response and design a set of filters to compensate for the negative effects of your room’s acoustics.

Finally, you have shelving filters for the treble, bass and sub bass and another set of parametric EQ filters which can optionally be applied to both speakers. You can adjust these to taste to implement your preferred tone curve.

You can save multiple sets of parametric EQ filters, tone curves and other settings to presets and easily switch between them, whenever you like. Sensitive to sibilants? Add a filter around 4-6 kHz to bring them down by a few dB. Need a night-time mode with equal loudness compensation for low level listening? Just add some more bass and sub bass and a fraction more treble to your regular daytime listening curve.

If this all sounds a bit complicated then do not worry. We can guide you through the entire process or even do it for you.

AES supports a daisy chaining topology. Set each speaker’s XLR input to AES mode and run an AES cable from your source to the input on the nearest speaker. Then run a second AES cable from the “thru” XLR output on the first speaker to the input on the second speaker. Finally, install the provided AES terminator in the “thru” socket on the last speaker in the chain.

Yes. Dense concrete, stone and brick are ideal, but glass and plasterboard are fine too as long as the material is solid, sturdy and has enough thickness to prevent resonances from the bass energy that is bounced off the surface by the boundary coupled subwoofers.

Yes, as long as you make sure that the sides of the 8c are not blocked by any obstacles closer than 30 cms (1 foot) to the cabinet and the back of the cabinet is a minimum of 10 cms from the wall behind.

Absolutely! The app allows you to optimise the speakers according to your specific situation. You can for example filter out room modes and compensate for overdamped frequencies.

Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers perform best when they are placed relatively close to the front wall (the wall behind the speakers). 10 to 50 cm will give you the best performance. You can use the app to select the distance to the front wall and the nearest side wall, and the speakers will adjust their output accordingly. This will give you the best listening experience possible.

The 8c was originally designed for domestic use with the vision that good, musical sound could be combined with ease of use and contemporary app control. The benefits of its cardioid dispersion pattern, perfect linearity and powerful room integration features were quickly recognised and adopted by studio engineers, who previously had to build the room around their loudspeakers.

The 8c can stream music over the network from a Roon Core server or via Spotify Connect. The 8c can also be connected to either an AES digital or balanced analogue source. Each speaker includes a male XLR input for this purpose. You can alter the configuration of the XLR input using the Ascend companion app or the button on the back panel of each 8c speaker. The 8c has two balanced analogue input modes to provide compatibility with both consumer and professional audio equipment. Consumer grade equipment with a relatively low output voltage usually works best with the high gain setting. Professional equipment with a higher output voltage usually works best with the low gain setting. The AES digital input setting is for use with digital sources with a balanced output, AES3 or AES/EBU.

Unbalanced analogue sources can be used with the 8c, but care should be taken over the quality and construction of cables, to avoid introducing hum or noise. Dutch & Dutch recommends that balanced sources be used in order to obtain optimal sound quality. Coaxial digital S/PDIF sources can be used with the 8c. Use an impedance transformer to adapt the 75 ohm characteristic impedance of the coaxial line to the 110 ohm impedance required by AES.

We can provide cables, adapters and impedance transformers to fit pretty much any requirement.

The normal setting is linear phase mode. In linear phase mode, the 8c uses a finite impulse response (FIR) filter that corrects the phase distortion caused by the Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossovers at 100 Hz and 1,250 Hz, thereby linearising the phase response. This gives the 8cs exceptional transient response and impulse response. The Linkwitz-Riley crossover delays some frequencies more than others and the FIR filter adds a bit of delay to all but the ‘slowest’ frequencies, such that all frequencies have the same amount of delay and thus arrive at the listener’s ears at the exact same moment. In linear phase mode, the 8cs have a latency of around 33.2 ms. Use this mode when latency is not an issue, such as listening to music in a domestic situation, during mixing or mastering. Usually, the linear phase mode works well with movies too, because latency is less than a single frame in a movie.

When in low latency mode, the 8cs do not have a flat phase response. The latency is reduced to about 3.1 ms. Use this setting for live tracking and perhaps if lower latency is required for integration with other speakers in a home theatre system.

The audible difference between linear phase mode and the uncorrected phase response of low latency mode is subtle but worthwhile.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years.

Your Dutch & Dutch 8c Active Speakers will normally be delivered in 1 week.

Delivery is free on orders over £100. We deliver anywhere in the UK using premium tracked delivery services from DPD Local, UPS, TNT and Royal Mail.

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We will agree a collection date with you and send you a pre-paid shipping label for the return trip. You can have full refund or you can try something else instead. It is up to you. All we ask is that you take good care of the product, along with any accessories and packaging, while you are deciding whether or not to keep it.

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