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Hegel has used all its knowledge in amplification and applied it to one goal – to reach down into the record and reveal every bit of information.

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The Hegel V10 is a brand new take on an old technology. With 30 years’ experience designing state-of-the-art discrete transistor circuits, Hegel has built a phono preamplifier like no other. It is neutral, dynamic and exceptionally revealing. Hegel has applied all its knowledge in amplification to a single goal – to reach down into the record and reveal every bit of information. The V10 is designed to capture the sound, to get you closer to the music and into the groove.

Key Features
  • True dual mono design
  • Moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC)
  • Subsonic filter
  • Balanced XLR output or single ended RCA output
  • Highly optimisable
  • Auto standby

Listening to vinyl is a tactile experience. You carefully open the album jacket, remove the record from the inner sleeve, inspect for dust or scratches, place it on the platter, and slowly let the needle drop to let the sound out. It is all about you and your music, selected for exactly this moment.

The Hegel V10 aims to make this special experience even better. Developed from the ground up and utilising truly clever and unique technologies, the V10 will give you an unprecedented transparency and soundscape, making the music you hear as tangible and real as the record it is pressed into.

Hegel achieves this because everything on the V10 is designed with the sole purpose of making your music sound as good as possible. The chassis is divided into two compartments, physically separating the power supplies from the sensitive amplification circuitry. There is simply no detectable interference between the two parts.

For the best possible connection, Hegel has fitted the V10 with gold plated terminals, balanced XLR outputs and a solid custom grounding screw. On the all-important input stage, Hegel has used ultra low noise discrete JFET transistors for both the moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) inputs.

Eliminating external noise is especially important when using sensitive low output MC cartridges. That is why the MC input is fitted with four such transistors connected in parallel, making the input completely silent and stopping any bias current feedback to the cartridge coil.

The input signal feeds into equally silent amplifier circuits, where both the MM and MC gain stages use ultra low noise power supplies built with discrete bipolar transistors, to keep the signal noise at a minimum. This ensures extremely accurate amplification of the input signal coming from the turntable. To make sure the V10 gets the best operating conditions, it is supplied with a linear, low noise, analogue AC power supply. This features a large, custom design E-core transformer, placed in its own housing to eliminate all possibility of interference.

For Hegel it has been particularly important that all vinyl enthusiasts get to enjoy the V10. So, out of the box the V10 is configured as an excellent plug and play MM preamplifier. For many, this is exactly what they want and need, but some want even more. That is why Hegel made the V10 highly optimisable, catering to individual preferences and requirements in set up, the V10 can be adjusted for any MM and MC cartridge.

When using a MM cartridge, you can freely increase the capacitance between 100 and 467 pF and when using a MC cartridge, the impedance can be set freely between 33 and 550 ohms or fixed at 47 kohm. On both MM and MC, the gain can be increased by 5, 10 or 12 dB, matching the output of your other sources, the V10 even has a Subsonic Filter to remove unwanted low frequency noise.

At end of the night, when the listening session takes you way past bedtime and you forget to turn off the V10, the adjustable auto standby function does that for you. All this makes the V10 the perfect companion for your vinyl setup. Finding the perfect synergy between your system and your listening preferences, and transporting you into the groove.

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34 / 39 / 44 / 46 dB (MM RCA), 40 / 45 / 50 / 52 dB (MM XLR), 54 / 59 / 64 / 66 dB (MC RCA), 60 / 65 / 70 / 72 dB (MC XLR)


Ultra low noise discrete JFET transistor input stage for both MC and MM

MC Load Impedance

Freely adjustable between 33 Ω and 550 Ω / 47 kΩ

MM Load Capacitance

100 / 147 / 220 / 247 / 320 / 420 / 467 pF @ 47 kΩ

Subsonic Filter

-18 dB / octave, -3 dB at 20 Hz, Switchable on / off

RIAA Accuracy

20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB

Output Noise

-81 dB "A" weighted reference 0 dBV (MC), -84 dB "A" weighted reference 0 dBV (MM)

Output Impedance

200 Ω


-84 dB @ 1 kHz 0 dBV

Frequency Response

2 Hz – 20 kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion

<0.005% @ 1 kHz 0 dBV (MM), <0.009% @ 1 kHz 0 dBV (MC)

Analogue Inputs

1 x unbalanced RCA (MC), 1 x unbalanced RCA (MM)

Analogue Outputs

1 x balanced XLR, 1 x RCA

Power Adapter

Hegel Power Adapter M30103

Dimensions (WxDxH)

210 x 280 x 60 mm


2.2 kg


Jason Thorpe for Soundstage Hi-Fi

Michael Fremer for Analog Planet

Hi-Fi Choice

Adam Smith for Hi-Fi News

Stuart Smith for HiFi Pig

Jason Kennedy for Hi-Fi+

Chris Kelly for The Ear

Documents and downloads

Hegel V10 user manual

Hegel V10 settings guide

Hegel V10 interactive settings guide

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